by Jason Treuting



Year: 2011
Duration: 22:00
Instrumentation: 2 percussionists


Program Notes

"From 2009 to 2011, I worked with a duo of French artists / choreographers called Projet in Situ on a work called Diorama. We began working on the piece in Marlboro Vermont and one member of the duo, Martial Chazallon, brought up the idea of dealing with a Baroque song as a basis for the work. That idea was foreign to me, and the Henry Purcell song was also foreign to me. This process led me in many new directions and challenged me to take something that I wasn’t entirely comfortable with and make something that I liked. The end result was lots of music for Diorama and then a percussion duo that used many of these ideas called oblique music (I don’t not like Henry Purcell).

When Mike Zell and Ji-Hye Jung of MIJI approached me for a duo, I was into this idea of taking something foreign and discovering where it will take me. When I asked them if they had any suggestions on a piece of music that could inform that process, they suggested a movement of Schubert’s piano music that they arranged for duo. That threw me for a loop. With Purcell, I was somewhat a blank slate. With Schubert, I had an active dislike. I never loved his songs and really was never drawn to his symphonic work. But, that was the task at hand.

The process was enlightening. Schubert is really from another universe. So when I mined the work for melodic and harmonic content that I liked, I came up empty. So I went another route and randomly chose material to deal with, and in the process of dealing and tweaking and mangling, I made things that I never would have made otherwise and the result is quite fun, for me at least."

           – Jason Treuting, October 2011