paper melodies



Composer’s Note:

I like music boxes. I didn't grow up loving them, but for my birthday several years ago, my partner in life got me a music box that you could program yourself. It is great fun and very poignant as well. The box made it into a few pieces of mine and of my quartet's. With Mobius Percussion, we decided to really explore the idea. What could a music box be? Wind it up and let it go. Each movement spins out from a small germ and unfolds slowly. It is in three parts. The core material in the first part sounds a bit like what I would write for a music box if I ever got the gig, and the last part sees what it would be like for Mobius to blindly program a music box if they had to do it as a four-part hocket. But each moment in the piece references the idea in some way.

-Jason Treuting

Treuting - Paper Melodies - Score - Physical

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Treuting - Paper Melodies - PDF

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