About Russell

Russell Howard is a recording singer and songwriter based out of the Carolinas. Born and raised in north Texas by his professional classical musician parents, Russell was inducted into music making at an early age. Picking up a guitar in high school, Russell cut his songwriting and performing teeth at Davidson College (NC) from 2002-2006. By the time he graduated he had become a mainstay of the scene, running an on-campus venue, performing with the college’s premier groups, composing for the Royal Shakespeare Company, and honing his skills as a solo performer with regular appearances on and around campus.

After college, Russell Howard went home to Texas to record a four song EP, Perfect, and an LP titled Too Soon/Too Late. Discs in hand, Russell returned to the Carolinas in 2007 and began to tour the southeast. In 2009 Russell released Too Soon/Too Late 2.0, an expanded re-release of TS/TL, including fan favorite Anna's Waltz and a long awaited recording of one of Russell’s very first songs, Take Your Time. In conjunction with the release, Anna’s Waltz was featured in the indie film The Last Passport.

On the strength of 2.0, Russell established a strong presence in the college market and has spent the last year playing campuses from Mississippi to Michigan and expanding his touring base across the country. Currently, Russell is preparing to return to the studio to record an EP of new material with burgeoning producer Lawson White. The project is slated to begin July 2010 at Clinton Studios in New York and is being chronicled at