Fostering Creativity

Today's music scene no longer requires a composer to be defined by genre. Our composers hail from versatile backgrounds, allowing them to pursue many genres and even to create their own. Accordingly, the Good Child catalog is built around people, not genres. Each work in our catalog is a star in the larger constellation that is a composer's body of work. Good Child Music aims to fully illuminate that constellation, present it to the world in its full brilliance, and help audiences appreciate how its pieces fit together to make a coherent whole. Good Child seeks to influence future trends in the industry by promoting our music and the artists that create it.

The Good Child "Guild"

We are faced with the challenge of supporting pop and classical music and everything in between with opportunities beyond conventional music publishing that include production, brand development, and promotion. Our small, highly-experienced staff approaches this challenge, filling these core capacities and working in conjunction with outside resources to best fit services to each artist's needs and career.

Our staff is experienced and well-connected in all aspects of music production, from the pop publishing expertise of licensing, syncs, covers, and mechanicals to the nuances of classical publishing and an understanding of the canon of classical music, grants, commissions, sheet music sales and rentals, as well as classical promotion. Additionally, our catalog includes commercial music, which our staff is trained in handling as well.