by Dan Trueman



Year: 2001

Duration: 13:00

Instrumentation: violin, electric violin/laptop, cello


Larger Work:

Still was composed for the American Composers Orchestra OrchestraTech Festival in 2001. Still (which originally had the awkward and irritating title, dis-(re)locations) was completed on September 11, 2001—I was holding the score in my hands as the news of that day came in—and premiered just a dozen blocks north of the WTC site the following month; I went as close to the site as I could that evening and watched the empty trucks move in and the overloaded trucks move out. While not normally prone to paranormal or metaphysical thinking, I found it disconcertingly eerie that the kinds of musical ideas I was working with in the piece—continuity vs. discontinuity; slowly descending, vanishing gestures; recollection; disintegration; senses of place—were so powerfully—indeed overwhelmingly—at work during that day, and yet the piece had been completed earlier, without any knowledge of what was to come.

First Performance Information:

Premiered at the Knitting Factory as part of the American Composers Orchestra OrchestraTech Festival in 2001