by Jason Treuting, So Percussion, and Matmos



Year: 2007
Duration: 08:00
Instrumentation: Percussion/open

Program Notes

Water exists in 3 parts, and is written for 4 or more performers. The performers may double parts, split up parts, add rhythmic layers, add noise layers, etc, etc. Although written for a quartet, if a solo performer would like to find ways to play more than one part, that is acceptable as well.

The parts for the quartet version are as follows: Player 1: Melodic Line throughout Player 2: Melodic “chimes” in Part 1. Lower harmonies plus noise in Part 2. Noise in Part 3. Player 3: Melodic “chimes ”in Part 1. Higher harmonies plus rhythm in Part 2. Rhythm / noise in Part 3. Player 4: Water throughout

So Percussion performs this piece in a variety of ways. As a quartet, Player 1 plays Steel Drums, Player 2 plays glockenspiel, melodica and various noises. Player 3 plays crotales, melodica, typewriter and various noises. Player 4 makes noise and rhythms using a bucket of water.

When So Percussion recorded Water for their 2010 Cantaloupe release, they collaborated with the duo Matmos (who added tracks made entirely from water samples taken from Parts 2 and 3), trumpeter Dave Douglas, and producer Lawson White.

Treuting - Water - Score and Parts - Physical
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