New York, New York - February 13, 2017 - Teletransporte is the second single off of Brooklyn-based indie electronic band Balún’s long-anticipated sophomore record Prisma Tropical. Releasing March 10th, Teletransporte further pushes the boundaries of the band’s genre and influences, transporting their signature indie tropical “dreambow” into darker, dystopian territory with heavy measures of grime, IDM, and the help of percussion-playing robots supporting trans-dimensional lyrics.

A trans-national band inhabiting both San Juan, Puerto Rico and Brooklyn, New York, Balún has been making music for a decade. All Music awarded the band’s early efforts 4/5 stars, expounding that Balún would “sound right at home…on a mix next to Aphex Twin [and] Modest Mouse.” La Nueva Ciudad, the first single from the forthcoming Prisma Tropical affirmed Balún’s promise, entering Spotify’s Viral 50 chart globally and in 8 countries. The song was one of Remezcla’s 10 Best of 2016 and the band was named a Latin Artist to Watch in 2017 by Pandora.

Following the proto-reggaeton ecstasy of La Nueva Ciudad, Teletransporte reveals a darker, more serious Balún, diving into the cold waters of UK jungle and grime and featuring a Bjork-inspired combination of strings and electronica. Arranged by Balún front woman and acclaimed classical composer Angélica Negrón, the Twin Peaks-reminiscent string section in Teletransporte manifests the diverse musicality Balún’s individual members bring to the band. Puerto Rican folk music expert and bassist Nora Ruiz’s homemade Tiple is as integral to the track as the robotic percussion programmed by beat maker José Olivares or the noise and shoegaze-influenced guitars of Raul Reymundi. It is this ever-evolving exploration of acoustic, electronic, folk, pop, tropical, and industrial that gives Balún its unique voice.

Balún will follow the release of Teletransporte with two showcases at SXSW March 15th and 16th. Teletransporte was produced by Lawson White (My Brightest Diamond, Bryce Dessner, Gil-Scott Heron / Jamie XX) and will be released digitally March 10th 2017 by Brooklyn label Good Child Music. The track features Bayoán Rios (‘17 Grammy Winner iLé, Tepeu) on zampoña (Andean pan flute), Nick Yulman’s Bricolo mechanical music system (robots), and Mary Jo Stilp, Andie Springer, and Evelyn Wadkins (strings). More information about Balún, Good Child Music, Lawson White, Bayoán and Bricolo can be found at,,,


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