New York, New York - August 15, 2017 - Brooklyn based indie electronic band Balún will join the Lake George Music Festival Orchestra for a special concert entitled ‘Sounds of Our Time’ August 22nd, at the Lake George Festival Commons in Lake George New York. This concert highlights the connections between current popular music and contemporary and traditional classical music. On its face, Balún’s shoegaze-tinted proto-reggaeton may not seem an obvious fit in an orchestral setting, but a closer look at the band’s line up reveals a diverse musicality that is the foundation of Balún’s unique sound. Balún’s front woman and acclaimed classical composer Angélica Negrón supplies lush string arrangements while PHD ethnomusicologist and Puerto Rican folk music expert Nora Ruiz layers Tiple and Cuatro on top of José Olivares’ programmed beats and Raul Reymundi’s shoegaze guitars.

Exploring the rhythmic connections between pop and classical, the Lake George Symphony Orchestra will open the concert with a performance of Paul Dooley’s groundbreaking Percussion Concerto featuring solo percussionist Lisa Pegher. Following the concerto, Balún and the LGFSO will perform Balún’s original material with full orchestral arrangement. Sourced from Balún’s forthcoming LP Prisma Tropical (produced by Lawson White), many of the songs on the program already benefit from Angélica’s trademark “quirky approach to scoring” (The New York Times). The record’s expansive, cinematic scale can be heard on Balún’s latest single Teletransporte with its Björk-inspired combination of electronics and cascading strings. Teletransporte is the follow up to Balún’s La Nueva Ciudad, which entered Spotify’s Viral 50 chart globally and in 8 countries, and was one of Remezcla’s 10 Best Songs of 2016.

The ‘Sounds of Our Time’ concert at the 2017 Lake George Music Festival starts at 8pm, August 22nd in Lake George New York. Balún will perform a warm-up show aboard the Minne Ha-Ha Moonlight Cruise on Lake George August 19th, sailing at 9pm. More information about Balún, Angélica Negrón, Good Child Music, Lake George Music Festival, and the Moonlight Cruise can be found at,,,, and



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